Soft green turf for landscape 25mm

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At present, many cities along with the development of the economy, attaches great importance to green living environment, city life rhythm is fast, green environment for modern visual relax, greatly ease the pressure, the lawn become indispensable to beautify the environment factors, road greening and campus greening cannot leave the adornment of the grass lawn, lawn as one of the most popular green lawn now. Why is artificial grass more popular than natural turf ?

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First, low cost. The biggest factor that artificial grass is more popular than natural turf is its low cost, which includes (transportation cost, paving cost, growth cost, labor cost, etc.). The biggest cost of natural turf is post-care. Watering, fertilizing, trimming, and insecticide cost are high. Artificial grass saves this part of the cost. Artificial grass is still simple to pave and does not need to be planted like natural turf, so labor costs are also saved.

Second, not affected by the climate. Artificial grass is not affected by climate and is one of the more popular factors than natural turf. Especially in some cities in northern my country, due to the influence of severe weather, natural grasses die in winter or are covered by heavy snow and freeze to death. In areas with many years of drought, natural grasses are more difficult to grow and maintain, and artificial grass has become their best choice for urban greening.

Third, simple maintenance. The abrasion resistance of artificial grass is very simple. It does not need maintenance work like natural grass. Moreover, the artificial grass has good water permeability and can be directly washed with water if there is dust. The artificial grass has high density, good straightness, and is not affected by wind and rain. , Environmental protection.

Fourth, the visual effect is better. With the continuous improvement of artificial grass production technology, artificial grass has been greatly improved both visually and tactilely. Visually, the density of artificial grass is relatively high, so the color has more visual impact than natural grass. Unique touch technology, the grass silk is very smooth, soft and comfortable, giving people a good contact experience.

Soft green turf for landscape 25mm


We offers different qualities grasses that have especially been designed for landscaping and other private uses such as hotels/restaurants/balcony/pets play areas/children play areas/yard carpet.


Artificial grass of today looks similarity to natural grass! An artificial lawn is a safe investment for years. Besides this, it has many benefits,including envionmental protection material/soft hand feeling/ wonderfully elastic/anti-UV with good color retention and easy to clean and widely used in both indoor and outdoor.



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