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  • Clean Paws Every Day. Best Grass For Dogs To Play!

    Clean Paws Every Day. Best Grass For Dogs To Play!

    Dogs love to play in the dirt, and as much as we love them, we have a different attitude towards cleanliness. Dogs mark their territory. Rolling up in mud is their way to show you what they’ve been up to. For humans, living in an organized environment helps to stay in shape and be more acti...
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  • Tips to keep the artificial turf looking good

    Tips to keep the artificial turf looking good

    There are following tips to keep the landscape green and lush for an extended period. Dust, dirt, and debris make the look of grass rough and dirty; try to remain it as clean as possible. Dirt can dull the color of your lawn. Use a leaf-blower to remove leaves, dirt, and light objects from the s...
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  • Time for a Barbeque!

    Time for a Barbeque!

    Almost every person wants to live in a beautiful house and at the same time have a beautiful yard to look at. Hence, the very essence of a magnificent yard is having an attractive grass. But, what if your grass seems to be unpleasant? What is your yard has no grass at all? How can you now enjoy y...
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  • Tips to Keep Your Synthetic Lawn Looking Good

    Tips to Keep Your Synthetic Lawn Looking Good

    “A beautiful landscape does not happen by itself.” A synthetic lawn doesn’t require maintenance, but there are a few things you can do to keep it in prime condition. Artificial grass is stain-resistant, but what you do with stubborn stains and burns? How to remove chewing gum, snow, and ic...
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  • Artificial Grass Weight, Density, and Pile Height

    Artificial Grass Weight, Density, and Pile Height

    The recommended blade length for artificial grass is about 20 – 40mm. Longer, un-structured blades have low resiliency and start looking dull and plain quickly. The density of the synthetic turf is another factor worth careful consideration because it affects the durability and the life sp...
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  • Future of Artificial Grass

    Future of Artificial Grass

    In 2021, the worldwide estimated value of the market size of synthetic turf was 2.6 billion, and there is an expected increase of 5.4% until 2025. Its durability and cost-effectiveness increase its demand for outdoor applications. Modern synthetic grass now has anti-bacterial properties that hel...
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  • The Last Days of Lawn Care

    The Last Days of Lawn Care

    Keep your home up-to-date starting with your lawn. Even you’re not completely sold on using artificial grass in your yard it’s fair to note that days of fertilizers and pesticides are behind us. Now, the synthetic lawn is much more full of character – think everything from colo...
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  • Artificial Grass Costs

    Artificial Grass Costs

    Artificial grass is a long-term investment, highly cost-effective in various ways. It remains in prime condition without any damage, fade or decay for up to twenty-five years. No maintenance, no water means dramatic savings over time. If you calculate the monthly amount you pay for the maintenanc...
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  • The Future is Green

    The Future is Green

    Do you prefer real grass or fake grass? It’s nature vs. nurture debate of lawn excellence. Do you side with groomed turf grass experts on chemicals, or do you want to do more to fulfill the obligations as a responsible steward of the land? Real grass has a magic appeal, but we can’t o...
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  • Artificial grass: pros and cons

    It is very easy to create a beautiful green lawn – you need to use artificial grass. Let’s figure out the pros and cons. What is artificial turf The British say that it is easy to equip a beautiful natural lawn. It only takes a hundred years to care for the weed every day. But what i...
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  • About artificial turf

    Product Overviews JYD® artificial grass is made of high quality PE material to meet field requirements of safe,soft, durable,abrasion resistant and easy to clean, etc. Widely used for pets play areas,children play areas,kindergartens,yard carpet,soccer field and other places. Company Information ...
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  • Artificial turf is so widely used, do you want to know its types and application areas?

    With the rapid development of artificial turf in recent years, it has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life, whether it is in shopping malls, universities, office buildings or residences. Artificial turf There are various types of artificial turf management. First, lawn grasse...
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