Artificial turf is so widely used, do you want to know its types and application areas?

With the rapid development of artificial turf in recent years, it has become an indispensable part of people’s daily life, whether it is in shopping malls, universities, office buildings or residences.

Artificial turf

There are various types of artificial turf management. First, lawn grasses can be divided into short, medium and long grasses according to their height. The size of short grass is generally 10 mm, which is suitable for the purification environment around basketball courts, tennis courts and swimming pools. The medium grass is about 20 to 35 mm long and can be used as the ground layer for hockey, badminton and grass balls. The size of long grass can reach 30-50 mm, and it is generally used in standard football fields and racetracks.

Standard artificial turf for football field

Classified and managed according to the shape of the grass, it can be divided into straight wire, curved wire, and rolled wire. Whether it is the landscaping on the top of the living balcony, or the construction of tennis courts and basketball fields, the price of straight grass is cheap, and it is widely used in actual use, whether it is the landscaping on the top of the living balcony or tennis. The construction of the court and basketball court can be used. The curvy grass has a curved shape, which can reasonably alleviate the impact of female athletes when they fall and abrade, so it is mostly used in sports venues such as standard football fields.

Filling artificial grass

At present, the most common artificial turf classification management method is classified and managed according to its processing technology. Generally, there are two types, the enveloping type and the artificial weaving type. The enveloping artificial turf is a tufted grass with a fiber length of 10mm to 56mm, which can be adjusted at will according to the actual needs of the paving site or the requirements of customers. Quartz sand, EPDM particles, etc. are generally required to be added between the enveloping bushes. The shape is very similar to that of pure natural grass. It is suitable for the layout of artificial gardens and outdoor landscaping. Hand-woven grass is mostly hand-woven with nylon fiber, and the processing technology is complicated. The price is more expensive than that of enveloping grass. However, the grass has better uniformity, strong and durable, and is suitable for universities and other occasions.

Consider 7 real reasons to use a fake lawn

Does your lawn become a real pain in the grass? If your leisurely weekend has been replaced by endless work of pruning, fertilizing, watering, weeding, etc., then maybe it’s time to consider artificial turf. Artificial turf is becoming a viable and increasingly popular choice for beautifying the environment, but is it right for you? Here are some facts that can help you answer this question.

Water resources protection:

The cost of watering natural lawns is now very high, at $200 per acre per month. Not only that, the reduction in water supply and the resulting restrictions in many areas of the country also mean that there will not be too much waste on the thirsty lawn. Here, artificial turf provides the solution: every square foot of natural turf is replaced, saving 55 gallons of water per year. In other words, while saving precious water resources, you will still get the greenery you want.

Alleviate allergies:

Common causes of severe seasonal allergies? You guessed it: Grass, runny nose, itchy eyes, cough and other symptoms exist alongside herbal treatments for people who are allergic to herbs. Artificial turf can eliminate allergens, allowing you to breathe freely without taking any allergy medicine.

Tenacious things:

Children like to run, jump, and dig outdoors, all of which are fun until the games on the grass become messy. For dog owners, the damage is likely to be even greater, as pet waste damages most grass species. Instead of trying to plant a lawn in a difficult environment, consider using artificial turf, because artificial grass always looks lush and provides a soft and comfortable surface for the toes of the little feet.

Environmental protection:

You may have heard that a real green family is a family without herbaceous plants. There must be some truth to this concept. By eliminating the need for toxic pesticides and avoiding the potential harm that may be caused by over-fertilization, artificial turf has had a positive impact on the environment. Fake turf will also reduce trash in the yard, because not mowing means that no grass clippings can be brought to the side of the road to collect trash. In addition, artificial grass is made of many recyclable materials, such as those old rubber tires that are shipped to landfills.

Evergreen without sunlight:

The tree-lined streets are beautiful, but do you want to plant grass under all the shadows? Not many. Even the so-called “shady” grasses are difficult to grow under trees or near shady places. Artificial grass has never been a problem. You can not only put this “lawn” in the shade of the courtyard, but also use it in non-traditional places (such as rock slopes or sand).

No trimming required:

Conventional lawns require a lot of tools, including lawn mowers, trimmers, sprinklers, pavers, etc. But once the artificial turf is installed, you can say goodbye to all the equipment and free up the space needed for the garage or cabin.

No need to maintain:

After careful design, artificial turf can be used continuously for more than 15 years under heavy use, including daily rough practice. This actually does not require maintenance, just regular cleaning with water pipes. The heavy work of pruning, weeding, seeding, raising, and watering has become a thing of the past, allowing you to enjoy the time in the yard without having to maintain it.

In a word, artificial turf is becoming more and more popular among consumers. If you want to know more about artificial turf, please contact us!

Post time: Apr-09-2021

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