Artificial turf for football/ soccer areas 50mm

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According to different needs, the classification of artificial turf is different. According to the purpose, it can be divided into two categories: leisure and sports. According to the specifications, it is divided into three categories: monofilament, mesh, straight and curved. The price of artificial turf is mainly determined by three basic aspects: grass height, density, and Fendt rate. The following is a detailed introduction, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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Artificial turf is very popular in public places such as campuses, arrangement units, and stadiums. Artificial turf is not only anti-skid, dust-removing, and clean, but also like real grass, with a green feeling. It becomes ordinary furniture and decorations and is deeply loved by ordinary people. Therefore, the prospect of artificial turf is broad, which is also the reason for the continuous emergence of artificial turf manufacturers and rapid career development. Before laying ordinary artificial turf, check the quality of the turf together with the artificial turf production unit, and check whether the material quality, density and weaving process of the turf are qualified to meet the requirements of use. There should be no more than 30 connection points in a standard site. At the same time, check whether the quality of the filling meets environmental protection requirements. During the laying process, special tools should be used to cut and stitch the lawn according to the specifications, and the overlapped lawn should be cut and leveled. Use special glue for artificial grass sports ground to connect, and the joint should not exceed 2mm. The temperature during bonding should not be too low, and the ambient temperature should be above 10℃ for construction, otherwise it will cause long-term bonding and even non-sticking. The higher the density of artificial turf, the longer the grass height, the higher the Fendt rate and the higher the price.

The higher the density of artificial turf, the longer the grass height, the higher the Fendt rate and the higher the price. The price is also determined by the quantity and the specifications of the grass. Different uses will affect the price, and different specifications will also affect the price of artificial turf. The grass also has a different grass height and density Fendt rate. These different prices will be different, so you need to know what kind of purpose you are buying, and then determine the final price according to different purposes. The above is a detailed introduction about the artificial turf. For more information, please contact us.

Artificial turf for football/ soccer areas 60mm

Football areas artificial grass is hands down the most popular grass infill style turf and also is the most durable style,because its yarn will withstand the wear and tear of directional change.

It also works very well as a playground product as it will accept up to three pounds of rubber per square foot.It’s easy to see why it is such a popular choice and offers a great return on your investment.


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