Artificial Lawn for Croque 15mm

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Speaking of lawns, the first thing you think about is the green grass by the river. Natural lawns are very beautiful in spring and summer, and the color is green, but they will wither in autumn and winter.

However, sometimes everyone can see green lawns in winter. Why is that? In fact, these lawns that can be kept green all year round are not real grasses, but artificial lawns that I will introduce to you today.

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In the new national standard, artificial turf is divided into sports turf and leisure turf, as well as additional landscape turf. Although there is no clear statement and regulation on the definition of each type, a simple explanation is also given.

Sports turf: artificial turf suitable for sports venues, such as elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, universities, stadiums, football fields, tennis courts and other teaching sports and professional sports venues.

Recreational lawn: artificial lawn suitable for non-sports venues, kindergartens, office environment, fitness environment and other venues.

Landscape lawn: Artificial lawn suitable for viewing venues, such as parks, communities, walls and other venues.

After a long period of development and practice, domestic artificial turf companies are more willing to subdivide artificial turf according to the combination of functions and sites.

Sports lawns: lawns for primary and secondary schools, lawns for football fields, lawns for basketball courts, lawns for tennis courts, etc.

Sports lawns: lawns for primary and secondary schools, lawns for football fields, lawns for basketball courts, lawns for tennis courts, etc.

Landscape lawn: outdoor green lawn, indoor beautification lawn, decorative lawn, landscape lawn, etc.

The artificial turf football field is always green and is not affected by seasonal climate changes. It is evergreen throughout the year, plus the beautiful campus scenery composed of red plastic runways. Most of the natural turf will wither in the winter in northern my country, and will not germinate until next spring, and will not grow up after long-term maintenance. In this way, in the long winter, the entire stadium is a piece of dry yellow, even a piece of bare soil, if it cannot be transplanted in time, it will also affect the visual effect of the entire stadium.

Lawns for Croquet

For croquet, the turf must be thin-leaved, strong and very hard. By its quality, it should approach the most thin-leaved golf meadows. The care for lawn is basically the same as on golf lawns. However, it should be borne in mind that in the winter time games are not conducted on it. Therefore, in the winter in England they make piercing of the sod, harrowing and carry out work to restore the turf cover. Unlike golf puddles, there is no undulating surface, which eliminates a number of difficulties associated with the conduct of haircuts, surface earthen coatings and watering.



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